Is Painting Your Gutters Worth It? A Comprehensive Guide

If your gutters are draining rainwater from the foundations of your house without any issues, you may not need to replace them. Instead, painting them can be a great way to save money if done correctly. But when is the right time to paint your gutters? To answer this question, ask yourself a few questions. Are the gutters dirty? Painting them is part of keeping them clean and should go hand in hand with their cleaning, as well as with the cleaning of their exterior.

Are your gutters rusty? If so, painting them (after treating rust, of course) can help bring them back to life. Have you changed the color of your ceiling? Not all homeowners will want to paint the gutters and the roof at the same time. It's a matter of personal preference. But if the gutters don't match or complement the color of the roof, it's probably time to paint them. This isn't one of the necessary steps, but it can be a really good idea to apply it.

Enamel paint is another layer of protection for the gutter. It's a hard paint that can help increase the integrity of the gutter when the real paint is finally applied. True roof water should not seep between the gutters and the fascia, as the gutters must be installed under the roof shingles; however, this does not happen due to rain and snow. Allowing the opportunity to prime and paint under an old gutter while painting and building gutters is your best line of defense, as it will save you countless dollars later on. The main reason why it's a good idea to paint the outside when replacing gutters is that both can be done almost at the same time, which has many benefits for the substrate of houses in this process.

If you hire a professional painting company like Five Star Painting of Cumming, it will take you much less time than you think to paint your gutters. Painting gutters and moldings during exterior painting operations is just one facet of the entire exterior painting process. Most of them are white, but many of the new gutters have different colors that are meant to accentuate the colors of the house. Use silicon carbide or aluminum oxide sandpaper for better results when sanding gutters before painting. Use a cleaning solvent to help remove some of the long-standing dirt stains that have been in gutters for years. Painting the outside and replacing the gutters at the same time is usually more comfortable on your part, since both things are done at the same time.

The fascia is the board that hangs from the roofline around the house, and should be painted in a color that complements or matches with that of your gutter - not to draw attention to it but to camouflage it. If you opt for white-primed gutters, once removed, ask a team of qualified painting contractors to print and paint the fascia once the old gutters have been removed, with a corresponding white color. Notice that you can barely see the gutter system, which blends into the outline of the roof - this is how it's done in Colorado. The same goes for dirty gutters, as dirt will prevent primer and paint from adhering directly to metal surfaces. Clogged gutters also produce algae and can become very difficult to clean over time, as dirt sticks to their sides.

Getting rid of rusty and leaking gutters is essential for any new exterior painting job - it has both advantages: a new coat of paint and a new gutter system. Painting your gutters can be an effective way to save money if done correctly. It's important to consider factors such as dirtiness, rustiness, color matching with your roof and fascia board before deciding whether or not it's worth it. Hiring a professional painting company like Five Star Painting of Cumming can help make this process easier and faster.

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