What Color Should Gutters Be on a House?

White or off-white is the most popular and standard option for gutters on a house because it goes well with any coating, molding or ceiling. This color provides a clean and finished look to the outside of the home. A very popular color combination for modern homes is a mix of greys and blues, with the lightest color being used for the siding and the darker color for the ceiling. If your house has these colors, a white gutter can be beautiful and contrasting, especially if it has white moldings.

Alternatively, a dark gray gutter that matches the roof may be a perfect option. Matching the color of the gutter to the color of the lining is usually the safest option as it will go unnoticed. Unless you're trying to show off your gutters, having imperceptible gutters is usually the goal. And if you're not buying copper gutters, displaying them is almost always a bad idea.

You can also consider matching the gutters to the color of your roof so that they look like a natural part of the roofline rather than a border around your house. By keeping the gutters the same color as the outside of the house, they will blend together and go virtually unnoticed. Finally, copper gutters are very difficult to paint, so you should make sure that you are happy with the color of the copper when buying these gutters. If you're not interested in combining your gutters with your siding or roof, you can match your gutters to the moldings in your house.

First, it's important to know if your city, county, or homeowners association requires any specific color or type of gutters. If you want your gutters to blend in with the color scheme of your home's exterior, you might want to match them to the linings in your house instead of the roof. Yes, in general, colored or painted gutters will be more expensive than white or off-white factory-made coating that comes with most gutters.

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