What Color Should Your Gutters Be? A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Color

When it comes to selecting the ideal color for your gutters, there are a few approaches you can take. White or off-white is the most popular and traditional option, as it pairs well with any coating, molding or ceiling. This gives your home's exterior a neat and polished look. A very trendy color combination for modern homes is a mix of blues and grays, with the lightest shade used for the siding and a darker hue for the roof.

If your house has these colors, a white gutter can be attractive and contrasting, particularly if it has white moldings. Alternatively, a dark gray gutter that matches the roof may be an ideal choice. Matching the color of the gutter to the color of the trim is usually the safest bet, as this will make them less visible. Unless you're trying to show off your gutters, having inconspicuous gutters is usually the goal. Another option is to choose gutters that are the same color as the molding against which they are located.

This allows them to blend in with your home. You can also opt for gutters in the same color as the roof, which is an especially popular option when roof gutter protection systems are also chosen. Everything from the roof to the decks to the gutters can be in a single color, helping everything to blend together. Finally, you can pick a color that matches your coating. Especially if your house is gray, beige, forest green, red, or some other basic color, you should have a good shape to make your gutters match.

I call this alternative shade “color that hides the downspout” and I recommend it whenever the edge varies drastically from the body color. If this is the case, choose a white gutter to blend into the background and, at the same time, smooth out any textured coating. It's another way to make them blend together, but with less subtlety, since the gutters are likely to hit the molding at some point. In addition, the horizontal and vertical lines of the gutter and downspout complement those of the moldings of your house. When choosing your gutters and talking to gutter installers, be sure to ask about the cost of gutter protection systems for the specific gutters you choose. Even if gutter protectors aren't in your budget now, you should know what options are available when you're ready.

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