Painting Gutters: Is It a Good Idea?

If your gutters are in good condition and draining rainwater from the foundations of your house properly, you may not need to replace them. Instead, painting them can be a great way to save money. But when is the right time to paint your gutters? To answer this question, you should consider a few factors. Are the gutters dirty? If so, painting them is part of keeping them clean and should go hand in hand with their cleaning, as well as with the cleaning of their exterior.

Are your gutters rusty? If so, painting them (after treating rust, of course) can help bring them back to life. Have you changed the color of your ceiling? Not all homeowners will want to paint the gutters and the roof at the same time. It's a matter of personal preference. But if the gutters don't match or complement the color of the roof, it's probably time to paint them. This isn't one of the necessary steps, but it can be a really good idea to apply it.

Enamel paint is another layer of protection for the gutter. It's a hard paint that can help increase the integrity of the gutter when the real paint is finally applied. The answer depends on the condition of the surface. Factory-painted aluminum gutters, without exposed bare metal, do not need to be primed. It is enough to use two coats of high-quality acrylic paint.

Gutters with exposed bare metal should be primed with an outer acrylic primer. If done correctly, aluminum gutters can be painted and should last for many years. Proper painting involves quite a bit of time to prepare the surface for new painting. If you rush through the preparation steps, I guarantee that the paint will peel off and you'll do it again in a year or two. Use a cleaning solvent to help remove some of the long-standing dirt stains that have been in gutters for years. They're the same type you would use to paint the outside of your house, and it's OK to use them on gutters as long as you've properly primed them.

A 211 spray nozzle produces a 4-inch spray fan, perfect for most gutters and downspouts, and its smaller size helps control excess spray outside. In colder or humid climates, Resilience by Sherwin Williams is a good paint to use because fresh paint is formulated to withstand moisture and even rain. You'll have to make a decision based on the installation and style of your gutters, as well as your own preferences and skills. Place the ends of the cloths in the gutter and place a couple of stones on top to keep them in place. Keep in mind that one of the best resources at your disposal is your professional painter and gutter replaceer. The deterioration in appearance progresses too slowly to be noticed by looking at the gutters every day.

With a careful mask to protect the edges of the fascia and other areas that aren't painted, you can easily spray paint your gutters, as long as you're comfortable climbing an extension ladder.


over old paint means that the new primer and paint won't adhere properly to the metal surface of the gutters. Seal any joints that leak both on the inside and outside of the gutter with paintable putty and then paint them with a primer. Whatever you do, be sure to avoid painting the gutter downspouts while they're still in the house. If done correctly, painting your gutters can be an effective way to save money while also improving their appearance and protecting them from further damage. However, it's important to take into account all factors before deciding whether or not painting is right for you.

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