Is Your Gutter System Installed and Sealed Properly? Here's How to Tell

Are you wondering if your gutter system is properly installed and sealed? There are a few tell-tale signs to look out for. If water is dripping from the corners of the gutter, it means that the seal has broken and there is stagnant water in the gutter. If the gutter sinks, it's a sign that it needs to be pulled up. The placement of the downspouts can also have an effect on the system's performance.

If there aren't enough downspouts installed in the right places, it can lead to standing water or overflow during heavy rains. Incorrect placement can also cause soil erosion around the house, insect infestations in gutters, and damage to the lining or foundation. All of these problems can be costly to fix. As a general rule, make sure that the gutters lean towards the downspouts at a quarter of an inch for every 10 feet of gutter.

A professional gutter installation company will use a level during installation to ensure that the gutters are tilted correctly. This will ensure that the water drains properly. Older gutter systems used to have a gasket every 10 inches, so they inevitably leaked. You can avoid this problem completely by having your gutter installation company install seamless gutters, which a professional contractor must custom manufacture for your home.

Seamless gutters are manufactured on-site to the length needed for your home and should protrude approximately one inch above the shingles. However, there is still a seam at each end, cover and corner that may need to be re-sealed after a few years. This is still a big improvement over sealing a seam every 10 feet. Replacing gutters by yourself can save you much more than having gutters installed by a professional, but there are some drawbacks to consider.

Check the fascia and ceiling for signs of rotting wood, which must be replaced before installing rain gutters. Many homes have a roof molding or molding nailed to the fascia, just below the shingles. You'll have to remove it or add a continuous strip of wood underneath to create a flat plane for the gutters. In any case, prime and paint the bare wood before hanging the gutters. An inch of rain may not seem like much, but when it falls on a medium-sized roof, it turns into an enormous 1,900-gallon torrent that flows out of the eaves.

This can cause a lot of damage if the gutters are not up to the task of controlling it. However, we hardly think twice about gutters until they become clogged and overflowing, or ice and snow tear them out of their moorings. The slope of the gutter is essential for proper drainage; water cannot flow uphill after all! Thanks to gravity and the gutter, water can flow freely into the downspouts without any help. All gutters must be tilted according to the location of the downspouts. If the downspout is on the left side, as in the photo below, that must also be the lowest point of the gutter. The end opposite the downspout must be the highest point for water to flow properly. Other external elements such as weather conditions, fallen tree branches or roof chemicals can reduce the life of gutters and downspouts.

Gutters suspended in the fascia are more robust and safer but if there is no fascia or it is covered with crown-shaped moldings then ceiling mounting may be your only option. Buying gutters can be an overwhelming experience as they are available in many materials, sizes, gauges and shapes. Copper-zinc gutters or commercial-gauge stainless steel gutters can last around half a century. This will cause inefficient drainage and can also damage gutters and perhaps even foundations. When a non-expert operator or installer tells you that they can reassemble a gutter they will move it down (remember that the apron cannot be moved down with it) and then an additional hole opens in the back of the gutter and enters a part of the gutter that cannot be seen due to flash that hides it. It doesn't take much to bend or dent gutters; all they have to do is fall to ground or be hit by ladder. Gutters can last anywhere from a few years up to your home's lifespan depending on what material you choose and how well it's installed and maintained. One sign that indicates that a gutter is not tilted correctly is when water overflows directly onto end cover of gutter so if you have lot of shingle sand then gutter is incorrectly tilted loose or possibly clogged. It might be good idea to contact contractors who can comment on whether it would be better to install new ones instead of repairing them. It is very important to hire professional company that has necessary experience to install very long sections of gutters and work safely from stairs. By following these tips you can make sure your gutter system is properly installed and sealed so you don't have any problems with overflowing water or other issues caused by improper installation.

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